End Pain & Stiffness (when Other Approaches Have Failed) Feel Good All Over Again!

The Reverse Approach to Most Exercise

  • Regain the Freedom & Control of Your Body So You Can Do What You Want Again!
  • Discover How to Create Extraordinary Relaxation to Heal Your Body or Take it to the Next Level.
  • Discover What the ACP Has Said Is the 1st Thing to Do to Relieve Pain.
  • Feel Comfortable Now with a Simple 3 Step Method Anyone Can Do.

Somatics Exercises - The Un-Exercise Method

Easy, gentle conscious movement is the Other Side of Exercise.   Discover how to change pain and stiffness to Maintain Comfort for Life!

MCE + MBSR + PR = "The 1st thing to do relieve pain".

According to the ACP (American College of Physicians), motor control exercises, mindful based stress reduction, and progressive relaxation are "the first thing to do to relieve pain".

Somatics Exercises combine this 3-in-1 approach using both brain and body to help you heal, recover, and get back out there in control!