Fibromyalgia Cap and Medals

Hi I'm Ed Barrera a Hanna Somatic Educator® with over 16 years experience teaching Somatics Exercises and practicing the hands-on bodywork of Hanna Somatics Education.

As the author of Amazon Bestseller, Move Like an Animal:  Feel Comfortable, Be Flexible, Move Well for Life in 3 Simple Steps, many people have learned how to overcome physical pain, reduce muscular stress & tension, and recover quickly even as we age using somatics exercises.

Ed is the founder of Gravity Werks where he does his hands-on bodywork and offers comprehensive online programs to free people of physical pain and discomfort.

Ed lived with fibromyalgia, chronic pain and successfully overcame it after a 17 year journey.  His 30+ years of experience living in pain, learning how to get out of it and taking the necessary professional trainings has given him a wonderful insight.  He has taught thousands of people how to move with greater ease and comfort.  He now offers Somatics Exercises and classes online to people interested in learning this unique way of what he calls un-exercise or or the other side of exercise to form the successful building blocks of movement.

Ed has appeared in books such as Mari Skelly’s, “Women Living with Fibromyalgia & Alternative Treatments to Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue”.  He’s also appeared in national magazines and on the radio.

Nowadays, you’ll find him playing soccer at the national veterans tournaments and state senior levels where he also teaches Somatics Exercises to athletes, showing them there is another way.

If you’re looking for that missing piece of the puzzle to remaining comfortable for life, Somatics Exercises can show you something new - that anyone can do.


I have to tell you how incredible the somatic exercises are!!

I was in tears this morning I hurt so bad and I’m already moving around with MUCH less pain this afternoon after doing one session this morning!

I wish more people believed me and how helpful somatic exercises are!

It is a miracle cure 🙂

Thanks again.


When I started my journey, I had a knee that was bad and needed surgery and my back was really bothering me.  I’ve eliminated those things and found far greater flexibility.  I have no stiffness or soreness after sporting events.

I’m doing things in sports I’ve never done before.

The amazing part about it, it keeps getting better.


I am moving with ease.

It’s changed my life!


My back spasms are gone!


This has changed my life.

No more stiffness and tightness.