Enjoy Better Mobility, Restore Natural Flexibility

 Daily Maintenance Program - The Cat Stretch

Discover the fundamental Somatics Exercises Daily Maintenance Program called the Cat Stretch.


The Real Somatics Exercises Daily Maintenance Program is done slowly, easily and gently.  The video is just a demonstration of what it could look like as the cat stretch dance.


  • Feel extraordinary relaxation, rejuvenation, and an improved sense of well-being.

  • Discover easy ways to let go of stiff, tight, contracted and painful muscles.

  • Feel comfortable, be flexibile and move well for life in 3 easy steps.

Get Immediate Access and Start Feeling Good in Minutes!

Discover How 7 Simple, Gentle, Easy to Do Movement Patterns Help:


  • Relieve Stiffness.
  • Recover Natural Flexibility.
  • Transform Pain into Pleasure & Comfort.

You'll Get to Relieve:


  • An aching back.

  • Sore hips.

  • Tired legs.

  • Stiff shoulders.

  • A tight neck, feel it letting go.

Then you'll discover in a matter of minutes, how to take care of your muscles

for the rest of your comfortable life.  You'll Know How To:


  • Ease a back spasm quickly.

  • Regain mobility easily.

  • Increase energy.

  • Lose tension fast.

  • and Feel stress leaving ASAP.

Here's a breakdown of the 7 Movements:

  1. In the first movement, you'll learn how to mitigate the "stretch reflex" which actually shortens and stiffens muscles.  This simple movement is a wonderful way to "wake-up" the brain and its communication lines to the muscles.

  2. The second movement helps to release a tight chest, stomach cramps, a sunken chest and allows the back to further lengthen.

  3. This move releases the back, back of the legs and shoulders.  This is a go to in case a back spasm ever happens.

  4. The fourth move is ideal when you've done a lot of work or have been sitting or driving a car for some time.  This will help release what keeps us locked forward and is quite helpful in reminding us to let go so walking becomes easier.

  5. Move five is most everyone's favorite way of lengthening the spine, feeling the hips and legs regain mobility, and give the shoulders and arms a nice tune-up.  There are literally hundreds of muscles involved.  You'll get to work with the upper body, lower body and then put it all together.

  6. This is the move most people blow off, yet is ideal for the legs, hips, back and will help with the nec.  Its a wonderful connector from foot to neck/head.  This 3 part movement sequence is an ideal lower body building block movement sequence to freer walking and running.

  7. In the final move, you'll release the neck and shoulders, regain hip mobility, free up the ribs and remain agile for life.

"What Do I Get With Instant Access...?"

  • A 1 hour and 45 minutes long digital download of an audio recording which will play on any device.
  • A handy somatics exercises library for future access in case the computer/smart phone eats the recording.
  • Written guidelines to help you get the quickest results.
  • … and access to me, Ed Barrera, H.S.E.®(Hanna Somatic Educator) to answer any questions and provide help.

"Can I Do This On My Own...?"


Yes, anyone can do this and follow the simple 3 step method to feeling comfortable now.

Even if you're new or a a beginner.  I’ll expertly guide you along as you listen and easily follow along.

You’ll be able to talk with me and I’ll make sure you get it right.

It feels good to do it.

“It's simple.”

“Amazing how the whole body is involved!

- Here's what they're saying, once you get the hang of it.
  • Bonus. You'll get the short audio version too.

After you get how to do the 7 movements, you'll have a quicker and shorter way to enjoy lazily moving around on the road to maintaining comfort.  In fact, it'll take a few minutes for your body to relax and rejuvenate.

Yes, You Can Do It!

You’ll feel the difference in how your brain will help your body move and feel better… even if this is your first time.


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The purpose of our information is based on Hanna Somatic Education® (HSE®) and the system of somatics exercises. HSE® is primarily an educative process and system. It is not intended to serve as medical advice. If you have any known conditions which prevent you from exercise, then please check with your doctor if you feel you need his/her blessing. Most doctors will agree that Somatics Exercises® are gentle and beneficial for your well-being.

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