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  • Feel extraordinary relaxation, rejuvenation, and an improved sense of well-being.

  • Discover easy ways to let go of stiff, tight, contracted and painful muscles.

  • Feel comfortable, be flexibile and move well for life in 3 easy steps.

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The Original 8 Somatics Exercises
8 Classic Somatics Exercise Classes

Here's What You Get!


  • Simple, Easy Movements to Relax the Back, Loosen the Hips, Free the Neck and More.
  • Unwind Stiffness from sitting or working at a desk all day long and Grow Taller.
  • Untie Knots of Tension and Stress & Feel it Melt Away.
  • Turn and Twist More Easily.
  • Breathe More Easily and Freely.
  • Walk Less Guarded, Unhampered and Move More Comfortably.
  • Feel Like Yourself Again!

"What Do I Get With Instant Access...?"

  • 8 digital audio downloads which gives you all the moves you need to know.
  • A handy library for future access in case the computer/smart phone eats the recording.
  • Written guidelines covering the content of the class concepts.
  • Plus access to me, Ed Barrera, H.S.E.®(Hanna Somatic Educator) to answer any questions and provide help.

"What do the 8 Original Lessons Cover?"

Lesson 1 – Free the back and hips.

Lesson 2 – Relieve too much sitting and working at a desk all day long.

Lesson 3 – Relax trauma and lose a stitch in the side.

Lesson 4 – Loosen up  the ribs, trunk, chest, hips and shoulders.

Lesson 5 – Free the legs and hips.

Lesson 6 – Free the arms, neck, shoulders and spine to twist more easily.

Lesson 7 – Easier and better breathing.

Lesson 8 – More comfortable walking.

I have been using your original Somatic lessons for back pain on a daily basis which allows me to go to yoga class and has allowed me to do yoga with greater back comfort.

I have experienced less pain and greater mobility in my back and shoulder, for this I am grateful.

Take Care Ed.

- Mel, WA

Yes, You Can Do It!

You’ll feel the difference in how your brain will help your body move and feel better… even if this is your first time.

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