Knees, Lower Legs, Unilateral, Bilateral Differentiations

Enjoy Better Mobility, Restore Natural Flexibility

  • Feel extraordinary relaxation, rejuvenation, and an improved sense of well-being.

  • Discover easy ways to let go of stiff, tight, contracted and painful muscles.

  • Feel comfortable, be flexibile and move well for life in 3 easy steps.

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Somatics Exercise Class 13
Freer Knees & Lower Legs, Self Hands-On Technique Revealed


  • How to free the lower legs, knees and ankles with a variety of movements and hands-on bodywork.
  • Gain greater range of motion so the band of tightness feels looser.
  • Learn how to create limitations for a deeper internal understanding and ability to move freely.
  • Free the hips with hands-on maneuvers.
  • 30 movements plus another differentiation on everyone’s favorite movement, the dishrag.
  • + more hands-on bodywork to be able to sit comfortably crossed-legged.
  • and feel how comfortable the back can feel while focusing mainly on the lower leg.

"What Do I Get With Instant Access...?"

  • A digital download of an audio recording which gives you all the moves you need to know.
  • A handy library for future access in case the computer/smart phone eats the recording.
  • Written guidelines covering the content of the class concepts...
  • … and access to me, Ed Barrera, H.S.E.®(Hanna Somatic Educator) to answer any questions and provide help.

"Can I Do This On My Own...?"


Yes, anyone can do this and follow the simple 3 step method to feeling comfortable now.

Even if you're new or a a beginner.  I’ll expertly guide you along as you listen and easily follow along.

You’ll be able to talk with me and I’ll make sure you get it right.

Here's what they're saying:

“Feel more alive.”

“Hips more open.”

“Bands of tightness feel looser.”

“Over the last 2 years I felt like I aged a lot. Now I’m starting to get back since I didn’t realize how stiff I had become until I started to get back.”
- Class, Participants

Yes, You Can Do It!

You’ll feel the difference in how your brain will help your body move and feel better… even if this is your first time.


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