Lower Body Moves with a Twist

Enjoy Better Mobility, Restore Natural Flexibility, Feel the Difference

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  • Feel extraordinary relaxation, rejuvenation, and an improved sense of well-being.

  • Discover easy ways to let go of stiff, tight, contracted and painful muscles.

  • Feel comfortable, be flexible and move well for life in 3 easy steps.

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Somatics Exercise Class 53
Lower Body Moves to Free the Hips & Legs + the Special Super Twist to Bring it All Together

Here's What You Get and Discover How to...

  • Unlock Lower Body Compensations.
  • Free the Hips to Move More Easily.
  • Learn Key Frontal Plane Movement Combinations + the Super Coordinating Move.
  • Regenerate the Brain to Turn Off Pain and Ease Stiffness.
  • Rewire Your Nervous System, Regain Function, Recover More Quickly.
  • Learn the Vital Psoas Muscle and Hip & Spine Release Movement.
  • … and How You can Set Your Self Up to Feel Comfortable for Life.

"What Do I Get With Instant Access...?"

  • A digital download audio recording of the movement class which gives you all the moves you need to know.
  • A handy library for future access in case the computer/smart phone eats the recording.
  • Written guidelines covering the content of the class concepts and what you need to know to be successful and in control...
  • … and access to me, Ed Barrera, H.S.E.®(Hanna Somatic Educator) to answer any questions and provide help.

"Can I Do This On My Own...?"

Yes, anyone can do this and follow the simple 3 step method to feeling comfortable now.

"Why Audio...?"

Somatics exercises are designed to target a specific part of the brain.  You simply lie down in a relaxing position, listen and follow along.

Even if you're new or a a beginner.  I’ll expertly guide you.

+ I’ll make sure you get it right.

Here's what they're saying:

“Feel good and less stiff.

After a few days of practice, my upper back and spine area felt so extraordinarily comfortable, I didn’t want to get up off of the floor.  Amazing.

"Love that last move."

- Class Participants, WA

Yes, You Can Do It!

You’ll feel the difference in how your brain will help your body move and feel better… even if this is your first time.

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Regular Price $34.99

Today $27.99

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