What Are Somatics Exercises?

  • Comfort,
  • Ease in motion,
  • Loss of stiffness,
  • Freedom from restriction,
  • Less holding tension and stress
  • Overall feelings of control return when we go to the other side of exercise called somatics exercises.

Somatics exercises are simple, easy, gentle movement patterns done with a certain level of awareness and a precise 3 step method, that anyone can do, using the brain’s cortex.  This helps us heal, become more relaxed and confident to move like our comfortable self again.

This other side of exercise is a system of easy, movement patterns targeting a specific part of the brain using the pandicular process at its heart.  The act of a pandiculaltion was noted by the modern day founder of clinical medicine, Herman Boerhaave, in 1680, to “bring muscles to rest”.

This very act is what we all did as fetuses.  It is the very act all healthy animals with a spine use to wake-up their nervous system, muscles and movement system.  Thomas Hanna, the author of Somatics and creator of Hanna Somatic Education also created the system of somatics exercises based on this pandicular understanding and the work he evolved from another somatic pioneer, Moshe Feldenkrais, who created Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration.  Both men understood how extraordinary changes could take place simply by movement done with awareness.

The practice of somatics has been recognized now for well over 100 years beginning with the modern day pioneer F.M. Alexander of the Alexander Technique.

Move Like An Animal Book CoverIn the book, Move Like an Animal, I explain and illustrate how we can return to our animal-like natural method using both the brain and body to keep moving well as we age.

Give somatics exercises a try, you’ve got nothing to lose but the pain, stiffness, immobility and general complaints people keep talking about as they get older.

3 Simple Steps is all it takes to maintain feelings of comfort and well-being.

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