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Moving well is easy once you have the tools and a simple 3 step method.  Somatics exercises are the complete reverse to most approaches since it is an entire body-mind system of simple gentle movements where you use the brain and feel the body experiencing amazing results such as:

  • Overcome Physical Pain
  • Relieve Body Tension
  • Lose Stress
  • Feel Comfort Returning
  • Regain Mobility
  • Restore Natural Flexibility
  • Reclaim Control
  • Get Back to Doing What You Want Again!

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Somatics Exercises Classes 1 - 10

1. Freeing the Middle – Free up tension and stiffness in the back & spine and more (53 minutes).

2. Sit Up More Easily, Turn Back with Comfort – Un-slump a sitting posture, turn your back more easily while driving, release trauma in the ribs & chest & more (38 minutes).

3. Free the Hips and Shoulders – How to Improve Shoulder & Hip Mobility.  Feel greater coordination for more enjoyable walking and more (63 minutes).

4. Walk the Dog and Be Blissfully Comfortable - Walk easier with relaxed hamstrings and a freer chest.  Let Fido know who you can move well too!

5. Oops, Falls Restoration to Freedom - Take care of blows, bumps and trauma caused by people or circumstances.

6. Killer Moves to Set Us Free - Relieve stiff ankles, knees, hips, and free up the back too.

7. 5 Easy Moves to Shift - Keep the back supple, learn the secret to somatic mastery with a min-daily maintenance.

8. A Key Muscle to Release - Use the one big muscle to relieve the center of gravity and learn how to sit crossed legged more comfortably with self hands-on bodywork you can do.

9. Modulate Our Intensity of Effort - Relax the quads, hamstrings, and the tailor's muscle.

10. Know Thyself Lower Body Moves - Regain control of the thighs, stop feeling short waisted and relieve the IT bands.

Somatics Exercises Classes 11 - 15

11. Flossing the Joints to Freedom - Free the hip and shoulder joints and help remobilize troublesome knees.

12. Free the Hamstrings, Glutes, Ankles and Back - Free the hamstrings with a variety of movements.  Get better shock absorption for the knees and hips.  More fluid feet.  Loosen muscles in the back.

13. Knees, Lower Legs, Unilateral, Bilateral Differentiations - Freer knees and lower legs.  Self hands-on technique revealed.  Sit more comfortably crossed-legged.

14. Ya Gotta Work Your Abs - Or Say They Say - Free the spine and create deep relaxation.  Get more comfortable and have a more functional back.

15. Falling Forward to Freer Hamstrings and Back - Relief and restoration for the hamstrings and back.

Somatics Exercises Classes 16 - 20

16. Our Favorite Moves to Knockout Proprioceptive Illiteracy - Create your own natural drugs of relaxation.  Twist and turn more easily & effortlessly.  Plus, try the Free 30 Second Hamstring Move.

17. Spinal Waves - Mastering the Signal of Pain - Learn the 3 levels of movement to master pain. Help for the back and hips.

18. Looser Hips - Freer Spine - More freedom for the back, spine and hips.

19. More Your Spine as Nimbly as a Cat - How not to over use your back.  Why we love spasms. Discover the felt relationship of the hip, shoulders, feet and spine.

20. Outta Here, Startled by this Reflex - Relieve deep held tension in the chest, shoulders & inner legs.  Explore fear & apprehension with comfortable movement.

Somatics Exercises Classes 21 - 25

21. Recyclable Renewable Machine of Movement - Renew yourself & get out of pain in the 6 spheres of movement.  Help for the legs, arms, and back.

22. Change Your Brain, Change Your Body with Movement - Relax the upper back, shoulders and feel more mobility in the hips.  Explore the 9 pre-frontal cortex functions.

23.  Differentiated Method to Be Comfortable & Breathe Easier - Have a more flexible back, relieve the hamstrings, free up the shoulders, get rid of hip flexor spasms with one move and more.

24. Better Breathing - Relax & rejuvenate the neck, shoulders, and hips.  Learn a hands-on do-it-yourself method to free the shoulders and take a kink out of your neck.

25.  Looser & More Comfortable Spine - Easy back mobilization moves.  Release the hamstrings for greater back comfort.  Release the inner & outer legs too.

Somatics Exercises Classes 26 - 30

26. Seated Somatics Exercises - Get the shoulders, neck, arms and hips to be more relaxed & rejuvenated.  Learn a hands-on do-it-yourself method to free the shoulders and take a kink out of your neck.

27. More Seated Exercises & Upper Body Movements - Free the wrists, arms and shoulders.  Free up carpal tunnel pain.  Raise arms freely & easily.

28. How to Turn a Stiff Neck & Relieve a Tight Upper Back - Take out stress.  Free the shoulders & neck.  Explore safe upper body movements.

29. How to Stop Guarding Tension & Limited Movement - Effectively deal with falls & injuries.  Relieve trauma and accidents.  Zap stress out of the body.

30. Stop Bad Knees & Feet - Free the feet, ankles and knees.  Relieve a common foot cramp.  Know the difference between mobilization & stretching.

Somatics Exercises Classes 31 -35

31. Freer Hips, Thighs, Back, Upper Body Strength, Calf & Shin Relief - Free the hip joints.  Better thigh mobility and agility.  Counteract too much sitting.  Calf and shin relief.  Better balance.

32. Creaky Hips Stiff Muscles Un Nock Knocked Knees - Rediscover youthful agility.  Comfy knees in a jiffy.  Coordinate the hips & back to exuberant freedom.  Comfortably sit crossed-legged.

33. Falling Forwards to Release the Hamstrings - 3 ways to free the hamstrings.  Bend the knees more easily.  Be able to touch your toes and more.

34. Freeing the Back & Hamstrings, Coordination - Loosen the back, touch your toes, easily improve coordination and laugh too to lengthen the hamstrings.

35. 35  Back Moves - Lower body movements to free the back.  Shoulder & arm moves to ease tension.  Lose sciatic pain.  Deep relaxation for the back.

Somatics Exercises Classes 36 - 40

36. Not Groin Stretch - Loosen the groin area & relieve tight stiff hips.  Lose the tight band feeling in the back.  Play with a trauma releasing set of moves.

37. Exercise Workout Plan, More Cross Connections - How micro-movements relaxes muscles more freely.  Feel the back and front of hips let go.  Learn the difference between activation and inhibition to change both the brain & body.

38. The Art of Letting Go, Fun Twisting Moves - Everyone's favorite move in the reverse manner.  How to identify the spheres of movement to feel free.  Regain back mobility in an unusual kidlike manner.

39. Loose Jaw, Loose Hips, Special Hands-on Technique - One move to be instantly relaxed.  Free up the hips and spine too.  Sit more easily crossed-legged with 2 movements.

40. Strained Eyes, Foggy Focus, Lose the Tension - Relax strained, tense eyes.  Free the neck and shoulders.  Sharpen vision and focus.

Somatics Exercises Classes 41 - 45

41. Vital Head & Neck Moves + Hands-on Technique - Discover moves to relax the head, neck, shoulders and chest.  Learn one specific pattern to release held trauma and more.

42. Seated Neck, Shoulder & Spine Relief - Lose neck tension.  Relief for hunched shoulders.  Feel a newer more flexible spine.

43. Upper Body, Back, Shoulder, Arms - Free tension in the upper back, improve posture of rounded shoulders, feel deep relaxation between shoulders.  Plus explore the arms and hips too.

44. Walking, the Best Exercise - Free up muscles to improve walking.  Get the back to flow more freely.  Feel the hips move more easily.  Reset the brain's cerebrospinal fluid to wake up both the brain & body.

45. Walking, Lets Those Hips Be Free - Free the hips with a variety of movements & movement sequences.  Helpful movements for troublesome knees.  Feel how to self-adjust the back to coordinate more easily with the hips.

Somatics Exercises Classes 46 - 50

46. Contralateral Movement, The Gut and Hamstring Moves to Free the Ankles - Walk easier and feel the powerful connection between the hips & shoulders.  Aid your gut and digestion with one simple move.  Help yourself heal now and in the future.

47. Regain Control of the Inner & Outer Legs while Regaining Control of the Hamstrings Too - Get relief and control with the somatics approach.  Sense your body at deeper levels to help rebuild vital muscular function & repair more quickly.

48. The 2 Moves (and More) People Blow Off for Hip & Ankle Mobility - Help the ankles, knees, hips, spine and shoulders wonderfully coordinate for easier walking and quicker recovery.  Loosen tension in the hamstrings.  Learn the top secret tactic for higher sports performance.

49. Walking Steps to Somatic Mastery - Break down walking into smaller, easier movements.  Mobilize freer hips.  Explore walking in different planes of movement.  Get the brain to shift the body back into balance.

50. Somatic Athlete, Easy Preparation - Easy, everyday warm-up set of movements.  Rewire the nervous system for higher levels of performance and abilities.

Somatics Exercises Classes 51 - 55

51. Upper Body, Neck, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Relief Tools - Deep relaxation for the upper back.  More ways to take out neck kinks.  How to err into correction ultimately free your body.

52. Auto Somatics for the Busy Person - Take stress while in traffic.  Relieve sensory-motor amnesia quickly.  Relax muscles anytime to revitalize your muscles back to good.

53. Lower Body Moves - Unlock lower body compensations.  Free the hips to move more easily.  Learn the key frontal plane movement combinations and super coordinating move.

54. Better Knees, Hamstrings & Legs - Help the knees & back regenerate with ease.  Learn the quick 30 second movement combination so walking up and down the stairs is a breeze.  Learn how to release the TFL and deep hamstring cramp too.

55. Connecting the Hips & Shoulders - Free the hips and shoulders.  Loosen a tight chest.  Sustain more energy.  Sleep much better.  Learn yet another way to free up the hamstrings.

Somatics Exercises Classes 56 - 60

56. Hip, Hip, Hooray - Free the hips, legs, waist and neck.  Sit more comfortably cross-legged.  Be able to rotate the femur more freely and more.

57. Ultimate Core Strengthening, Rock Around the Clock - Hips, lower back, center of gravity core.  Relieve lower back tension.  Develop control with mobility.

58. Frontal Pain Relief for the Lower & Upper Body - Relief for the hips, legs, chest and shoulders and psoas too!  Relieve knee tension with a simple micro-movement.

59. Frontal Plane Twist, Relief for the Upper Back, Inner Thighs, Breathe Easier - Relief for the upper back, inner thighs, waist & breathe easier too!  Relieve scoliosis.  Find deep upper back relaxation.  Learn different ways to loosen the neck.

60. Diversify Your Movement Portfolio, Shoulder, Upper Back & Hamstrings - Shoulders, Rotator Cuff, Upper Back, Arms, Lower Back and Hamstrings.  Loosen a dowager's hump and more.

More Coming Soon

The Daily Maintenance Program - 7 simple movement patterns to do on a daily basis to maintain length and comfort ( 2 Audio programs).

Videos for Immediate Download

7-7 Videos – 7 Videos covering the entire body and a somatics guided 7 minute meditation.

Why Audio or Video?

Somatics exercises are designed to be primarily listened to. The main reason is so you can use a specific part of the brain which will turn discomfort into feeling good again.

If you watch a video and then do the movements, you’re using another part of the brain. While this will work to some degree, eventually you can lie back and follow along verbally.

In either case, you’ll be able to know you’re doing it right since you have access to me with each product. You’re not just getting a download, you’ll be able to ask me questions or make comments and I’ll get back with you as if you were there in the live recorded classes.

Here’s what you get with each product:

  • A complete written set of guidelines which covers the how to’s of somatics exercises. You’ll know what to do and what not to do.
  • Each audio class comes with its own written materials covering the particular class concepts.
  • You can download the digital audios or videos and use them in your computer, ipod, and smartphone devices.
  • Your products are stored in your own somatics exercises library so you can always get them in the future.
  • … and you have access to me to coach you along and answer questions when needed.

Here’s what a few people have been saying about somatics exercises:


"The most beautiful thing is the intimate relationship I have nurtured with my body."


"This is a true physical education."


"Somatics exercises work!"