Sweet 16 Birthday Celebration

Free From Fibromayglia for 16 Years16 years ago today, I realized a significant shift in my body and being.

This led me to pass on the work I’ve enjoyed sharing for the past decade. In my 30+ year journey of living in pain, getting out of pain, and eventually learning how to help others… I’d like to give you a small gift.

Go below and sign up so you can get to download a quick, simple somatics exercise class. You’ll get to listen to a 14 minute audio recording where you’ll get to experience one of the more familiar somatics exercise patterns.

Why audio? When we listen, we target a specific part of the brain so it can relax our muscles and we regain function at the same time. Listening allows you to go at your own pace and work well within your own comfort zone and unique set of circumstances.

What’s the catch? Just make a comment or ask your questions inside the downnload area after you’ve done the movements.

See you on the inside…

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